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Franz Xavier Mozart: The burden of genius

Mozarts Masker: een compilatie van de feiten (Tom Bouwman)

Mozarts Schedel: een compilatie van de feiten (Tom Bouwman)

The storm of style (Alex Ross)

Mozart's keyboards (Christopher Nobbs)

Mozart & Beethoven - what’s in a symphony? (Ivan Rockey)

Mozart, Medea and melodrama (Richard Luckett)

Mozart piano concertos - background and overview (Neal Zaslaw)

Mozart's Requim (Duncan Druce)

Improvising Mozart (Robert Levin)

Mozart's Salzburg

A new portrait of W.A.Mozart from the mid-1780s (Martin Braun)

Günther G. Bauer

“Mozart’s High Costs for Light and Heat, 1781 – 1791”

Derek Beales

“Mozart and the Habsburgs”

Book extract: "Music and drama, with special reference to Mozart"

Mark Berry

“Power and Patronage in Mozart’s La clemenza di Tito and Die Zauberflöte”

Peter Branscombe

“Mozart the Arch-Englishman”

“Die Zauberflöte: The intellectual background: Freemasonry, and The writing of the opera”

“The Land of the Piano: Music, Theatre and Performance in Vienna around 1800”

"`Cosi fan tutte´- An Introduction"

Gunthard Born

“Rhetoric in the Music of Mozart”

“Mozart’s Musical Language: Key to his Life and Work” -- a BCC introduction to the book

Volkmar Braunbehrens

“Mozart in Orchestra Concerts of the 19th Century”

“The Mozart-Salieri Connection”

“Mozart in Vienna: The Myth of ‘The best place in the world’” (Festrede 1991)

“Mozart – The conservative Revolutionary” (Festrede 2006)

“Fatherly Friend, ‘most obedient Son’: Leopold and Wolfgang A. Mozart”

“Mozart in Vienna – The New (2005) Preface”

“Cherubino in Mannheim”

“’Hier ist doch gewis das Clavierland!’ – Mozart in Vienna“

Walther Brauneis

“’. . .owing to indebtedness of 1,435 Gulden 32 Kreuzer’: A new document on Mozart’s financial plight in November 1791”

“Exequies for Mozart: A new documentary finding concerning the requiem mass held for W.A. Mozart in St. Michael’s church in Vienna on 10 December 1791”

“’Dies irae, dies illa – Day of wrath, day of wailing’: Notes on the commissioning, origin, and completion of Mozart’s Requiem”

“Franz Xaver Niemetschek: Is his Association with Mozart only Legend?”

“Mozart’s appointment to the imperial court in Vienna: Facts and Speculations. –-Was Mozart in fact Kapellmeister to Archduke Franz?--”

Bruce Cooper Clarke

Essay review: “Mozart as seen in contemporary German-language biography”

Book Review: “Historicizing the Mozart Myth: Volkmar Braunbehrens’s Mozart in Wien”

Essay: “George Bernard Shaw: Mozart and his Musical Self-Respect”

Book: “The Mozart Starter: Exploring the Universe of Mozart’s Music” (with a foreword by Christopher Hogwood)

Study: “Albert von Mölk: Mozart Myth-Maker? Study of an 18th century Correspondence“

Article: “Requiem’s Inception: Footnote to a Footnote”

Study: “The Annotated Schlichtegroll: Wolfgang Mozart’s Obituary with critical, historical, and explanatory notes”

Essay: “The Mozart Paradox: Meditation on a Theme”

Memorandum for the Record: The Cambridge MOZART Encyclopedia – Comments on entries for Franz Xaver Niemetschek and Count Franz Wallsegg

Series: “The Prince Lichnowsky Newsletters”

The Prince Lichnowsky Newsletter No.1

The Prince Lichnowsky Newsletter No.2

The Prince Lichnowsky Newsletter Nos.3 & 4

The Prince Lichnowsky Newsletter No.5

The Prince Lichnowsky Newsletter No.6

E. R. Ecurb

R.I.P.: A little Night-Musick for a Dear Friend

Cliff Eisen

"Mozart and Salzburg"

”Ein neu entdecktes Mozart-Porträt?”

“Mozart in Italy and the Enigma of a Collection: Newly-Discovered Portraits and Artifacts”

Nikolaus Harnoncourt

"Excerpts from an interview relating to Mozart, the man and his music"

"We must listen, listen, listen (Festrede 2006)

Katalin Komlós

“Mozart the Performer”

Ulrich Konrad

“How Mozart went about composing: a new view”

“A Secret without a Solution: The Wonder that is Wolfgang Amadé Mozart” (Festrede 2006)

“A Rediscovered Autograph of Wolfgang Amadé Mozart: The “Nantes Sketch”

Konrad Küster

“Mozart: A Musical Biography” -- a BCC introduction to the book

“Twice Three is Five, and Other Experiments: Piano Quartets and String Quintets, 1785-1787”

Dorothea Link

“Mozart’s appointment to the Viennese court”

“Mozart in Vienna”

Birgit Lodes

“Reflections on Beethoven and Mozart”

Dr. Anton Neumayr

“Mozart’s final illness and death”: excerpts from the book, “Music & Medicine"

“What actually caused Mozart’s death? – The diagnosis of an Austrian physician and medical historian” – text of a talk

John A. Rice

“Mozart and Salieri”

“Mozart’s Operas: Function, Genres, Archetypes”

Stanley Sadie

Idomeneo at Munich”

Wolf-Dieter Seiffert

“Mozart’s ‘Haydn’ Quartets: An evaluation of the autographs and first edition, with particular attention to mm. 125-42 of the Finale of K. 387”

George Bernard Shaw

“The Mozart Centenary, 1891: Articles from 9 and 12 December 1891”

William Stafford

“All about Eve: Mozart and Women”

“Mozart and Genius”

Michael Stürmer

“Mozart and the Pursuit of Happiness”

Alan Tyson

“Mozart’s Thematic Catalogue – Description of the Manuscript”

Roye E. Wates

“Mozart’s Mass in C Minor, K.427/417a (unfinished)”

Renate Welsh

“Constanze Mozart: A woman of no importance” -- a BCC introduction to the book.

Neal  Zaslaw

“Mozart as a working stiff”

“Audiences for Mozart’s symphonies during his lifetime”

"One More Time: Mozart and his Cadenzas"